Terms of Service

Flixberry's Terms of Service

1. Welcome to Flixberry!

Welcome, fellow adventurer! By jumping into Flixberry, you agree to these light-hearted terms. They keep our digital playground safe and fun for everyone.

2. Your Magical User Account

Creating an account? Guard it like a dragon guards its treasure. You're in charge, so let us know if someone's trying to sneak in without permission.

3. Your Awesome Content

Your creations are like gems in our treasure chest. You own them, and you let us share them with the world. It's like a blockbuster movie – you're the director, and we're the big-screen magic makers.

4. Play Nice, Play Fair

No dungeon crawling allowed! Stay on the path of good vibes. Don't mess with the Flixberry kingdom or cast spells that harm others. Play fair, and we'll all have a great adventure!

5. The Grand Finale: Termination

Sadly, every story has an end. We can part ways if things aren't working out. We'll give you a heads up, and you can gracefully exit the stage if needed.

6. No Magic Guarantees

Flixberry is like a magical potion – it might not work for everyone. We do our best, but glitches happen. We're not wizards, just friendly tech enthusiasts.

7. Limitless Fun, Limited Liability

While we strive for an epic journey, Flixberry and friends aren't responsible for any twists in your plot. We won't be waving a magic wand to fix everything, so play responsibly!

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