Flixberryβ„’ Community Guidelines: Keep it Cool and Respectful! πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸ

Hello Flixberry friends! πŸ‘‹ Get ready for a blast in the world of webcomics. Let's lay down some simple rules to make sure our comic universe stays awesome.✨

1. What You Post:

2. How We Treat Each Other:

Respect is the hero! πŸ€—

3. Playing By The Rules:

4. Copyright Stuff:

5. Consequences for Not Following The Rules:

6. Questions or Problems?

- Ask Us Anything: If you're confused or need help, email support@flixberry.com.

Thanks for being part of the Flixberry comic universe! 🎊 Let's keep it fun and full of comic adventures for everyone!πŸš€